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April 3, 2012
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SW - I'm Coming Home by Renny08 SW - I'm Coming Home by Renny08
I知 coming home
I知 coming home
Tell the world I知 coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they致e forgiven my mistakes
I知 coming home, I知 coming home
Tell the world that I知 coming...

Haha, I haven't listened to this bit of that song not even once while I was drawing!! XD I only got the idea while I was listening to it some weeks ago...
Well, from what I've seen in fanvideos and such our fandom likes to play with the idea that Padm and Anakin are reunited after death :> so I did a pic about that... even though Padm was not a Jedi, so I'm not sure about the whole matter...but it's so nice to think about that :D so yeah! :iconallthethingsplz:

Also, since Anakin returned to his old self when he died, I of course replaced the mechanical hand with his real one! X) The scar shouldn't be there as well, but I left a little hint anyway because I feel's so part of his character lol.

And, huh, I think I like how Anakin's expression came out. It's pretty close to what I had in my mind and that's good :)
On the background...random Endor forest xーD anyway this was a pretty fast always...sigh!

And once again SW makes me draw romantic stuff involving Padm and Anakin while I usually hate drawing this kind of things.... ー_ー I guess SW is SW, after all :'D and Anakin and Padm are Anakin and Padm! AND NOTHING HURTSSSS

On a side note, let's not talk about Hayden Christensen replacing Sebastian Shaw in ROTJ...I myself am really (like, REALLY) fond to the 1997 version (the one with Sebastian and the sad music, ya know) but since I'm also a NT fan I also think that the "new" Anakin helps in terms of continuity (besides, I think Sebastian looked a bit too old for a 46 years old guy- but yes, it's also true that Hayden looks too young xーD). So I solve the problem by having both versions anyway. So if you don't like the new one, keep calm and watch the old. :XD: I wouldn't like to do useless rantings about this subject or we risk to start another freakin' OT vs NT debate... =_=

... and on a personal note, I'm still listening to Hunchback of Notre-Dame freakin' OST. Lovelovelovelove! 8>

Please enjoy the drawing, guys! :D
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Jojo1228 5 days ago  New member Student Artist
Jojo1228 Mar 6, 2014  New member Student Artist
RIP Anakin Skywalker
5-15-7 brs - 3-4-39
Jojo1228 Mar 1, 2014  New member Student Artist
I like the 2004 edition the best, so this brings back many memories for me.
I really want this to be included in the remastered editions. Along with ghosts of Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn
I personally think this would be true, canon statements or not. Padme isn't a grudgeful person, and Anakin suffered enough that I don't think Padme believes he deserves any more. 
When you said you don't know if Padme would be there because she isn't a jedi i just wanted to let you know that George Lucas has said that he doesn't want to say much because he like the fans to uses their imaginations but he said Anakin and Padme are reunited in the afterlife plus in the comics a force ghost of Padme visits Vader to say she forgives him so she is a part of the force after death.
HeavensPrayers May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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