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April 16, 2012
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SW - Once I called you brother by Renny08 SW - Once I called you brother by Renny08
...once I thought the chance to make you laugh
was aaaall I ever wanteeeeeeeeeddddddd!!! *sings* *windows break*

Ok I'll stop it haha!! XD Couldn't come up with a more original/epic title, so I thought I'd just steal a line from Prince Of Egypt's super cool song "The Plagues" (also known as "Let My People Go") :D
Not to mention it fits, right? I mean....Ahsoka fighting against Dark Side Anakin... 8'D

Uhm yeah, so why this came out?
I happened to read a lot of Kick-Ass lately, and while I think they exaggerate a bit with crude violence and stuff, I couldn't help but fall in love with John Romita Jr.'s anatomies...they're freaking perfect and they feel SO...3D!!! Lol!

So I was just like "ME TOO, ME TOO :dummy:" and to try out what I was learning, I sketched Ahsoka in that pose...then I liked her expression, and was like "Ok I totally need to add Dark Side Anakin fighting her and glancing at her with the same look *_*"

Think about it, if something like this actually happened, there would be SO MANY FEELINGS ASDHJADHIGJKBJIUHHGG

The drawing itself was a pain actually...I drew them on separate sheets because I couldn't make Ani fit into the page xD Fail 1.
Then their poses looked unnatural, I need to practice in drawing lightsabers dynamic and credible fights. Fail 2
And eventually, Ahsoka looked so much more dynamic when you could see her left hand holding the other lightsaber and her left legs before I put Anakin in there to cover everything... Fail 3

Last but not least....Renny, why u don't use perspective grids and go by eye :iconwhyyounoplz:

In short words, I might happen to take this subject on again when I can learn to draw better fighting poses...

Another reason why I decided to spend a bit of time on this is that I exceptionally got to finish working a little earlier I was happy and little less tired than usual ;__;

But anyway. I promise that once this comic stuff I'm doing is over once and for all (14 days more of work!!) I'm going to finish all the other things I have to do, first of all commissions, and then, if nothing comes into my tormented way, practice on drawing more characters, more backgrounds and all the things in general that should be put in a portfolio to make it look decent.

And a promise made on a drawing of Dark Side Anakin fighting Ahsoka inside the Jedi Temple has to be kept!!!! D8<

Oh, and guys, thank you so much as always for your comments and faves!! I'm doing...not totally fine lately so they totally help brighten mah days 8D thanksthanksthanks.

OH GOD MY BACK HURTS SO FREAKIN' MUCH ---no seriously what happened? Ugh!
It's better that I go, anyway!! It's 1 am and I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow...fuck.

Hope you enjoy and see you soon!

PS: I also hope the colors look alright on your monitor. Mine is kinda screwed up so I'm not sure it'll look good...*cross fingers*
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AHSOKA:  This was my home.  All this pain and devastation--how it tortures me inside.  All the innocent who suffer from your arrogance and wrath!
creatorX33 Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If we saw this battle happen on the show it would probably be the most dramatic and heartbreaking of all the battles.
girthaedestroyer Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
true that!
And even now I wish that sith had chose another, serving as your foe on his behalf was the last thing i could have WANTED!!!
Xion14Lovely Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THIS WAS MY HOMEEE ALL THIS PAIN AND DEVASTATION...hahaha i also think in that song when i saw the title :D i totally love your draw is amaziiiiing *___*
It's a shame we'll never know her final fate now that the show is cancelled. It would be great if there were episodes that showed their final confrontation.
Dammit Anakin...
Some day, I shall see her die. And brutally and mercilessly. Until then, this shall have to do.
DragonballFormersZ Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, now that ahsoka's gone, they won't be fighting!
MikahEagle-2 Jul 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Thats a good thing that she wont have to fight him !!!
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