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November 25, 2011
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SW - They called us by Renny08 SW - They called us by Renny08
EDIT: changed the colors of Anakin's room. I really didn't like the previous bluish tone. I think a brownish scheme fits better the insides of the Jedi Temple :) hope you like it better too!

IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! (everyone who knows that terrible song sing along with meeee!! XD)

Mh, okay, so, it looks like in tonight's ep Anakin and Ahsoka are back, and I wanted to express my incredulity with this stupid drawing. In my mind it was so much better, but that's how I realize how noob I am...I can't really get things down the way I imagine, but ANYWAY! I'm in a bad mood because of this lately, so don't consider my whining.

The joke is also kinda unfunny, but I've been having this image in my mind since the third episode of the infamous Krell trilogy! xD Anakin and Ahsoka don't even think they're going to appear again in the series in which they basically should be the main characters, when suddenly, they appear again, and Anakin was already ready to think about retirement.

Don't tell me the main characters are supposed to be the clones :/ I have the bad habit of disliking a show if I can't see my favorite characters anyway (that applies even when those characters are co-protagonists or something anyway), and I consider Anakin and Ahsoka as the central characters of TCW. That's why I'm totally upset by the fact that they TOTALLY disappeared for six weeks. SIX WEEKS!! What the hell? D: And there was even a hiatus somewhere between the droids episodes, for which I have already expressed my disappointment... :(

Luckily I had Supernatural. But this week SPN is on hiatus and I HOPE the good, old TCW adventures are coming back. I miss them so much.

Please, don't spoiler me though, I get to watch it only tomorrow's evening 'cause I live in Italy :)

And btw, I didn't invent Anakin's room. It is based from a sketch which you can find in the book "Anakin Skywalker: A Jedi's Journal" which came out around 2002, with Episode II. Actually, that was how it is supposed to look when Anakin was 9-10, I don't know how the rooms system works in the Jedi Order but I like to think he's always in the same room, or a similar one, and that the furniture and the objects are kinda the same! x)

Too bad I had to make up the colors, and I don't like them a bit. Maybe I'll try to fix them...I dunno...
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EragonJediGirl357 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
XD :D Nice!

I actually like the Krell arc because it shows such an interesting dynamic with the clones (and will also play a significant part in my fanfic), but you're right, it's weird when we go so long without seeing Anakin and Ahsoka.
Ajax94 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
MrsWu Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Hehe funny! :D
boxOFjuice Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Angelic-Pup Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hah! That would be me!
StarWarsGirl101 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
he's all like, "uhh plz, just five more minutes"
Ahsoka: "you said that an hour ago...."
Anakin: *sits up....* well... maybe another five minutes *throws blanket over head*

(^-^ ) epic pic btw
rosalinarox4eva Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha :XD:
Demon242 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Ahsoka: Come on, Anakin! Get up! 
Anakin: No. And no, Snips, I don't care. They can take care of the episode's other scenes while they wait for me. They just pulled me out of that stupid Vader suit for the movie remake. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to move, much less breathe in that thing? I'm going to get some sleep before I do any more work. Now either close the door on your way out or close the door and get back in bed...
rosalinarox4eva Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lol perfection
Xaayer Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student General Artist
TBH my favorite episodes are the ones that are Jedi free or are about the clones. I'm tired of being forced to like Skywalker and Ahsoka... I loved the Krell trilogy because it felt deeper and I actually cared. I liked "Rookies" because it was about the clones and how these soldiers get along withOUT the Force and lightsabers...too many lightsabers and force users. My favorite arc was the arc when Kenobi faked his death and had to pretend to be a bounty hunter becuase it showed him doing things without the Force and without the Jedi. The best episode was the whole "Box" tournament episode. Not a lightsaber in sight. The Jedi, and all aspects of them, have been played out (That's why they are finally making a game without Jedi: Star Wars 1313). We already know what happens to the Jedi (Order 66) and the entire series is just a bridge between Episode 2 and Episode 3, so why do we need to care what happens to Anakin? Put him in danger and so what? We all know he has to live. We all know he falls to the dark side. He becomes Vader. We already know what happens to Kit, Mace, Kenobi, Yoda etc. Most of the Jedi already have heir fates written in stone. The only Jedi I sorta care about is Ahsoka, and that's only because I want to see how she dies or goes on. The Jedi are pretty much useless in the series because the writers can't do anything drastic with them: Their fates are sealed in the movies that have come before. The only characters that can grow are the clones and the non-force sensitive and those are the characters I care about more. Their plight is more real and relatable. Welp, that's my two cents. Cool artwork
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