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May 8, 2012
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The Avengers - We Have A Hulk by Renny08 The Avengers - We Have A Hulk by Renny08
Yeah I know, I know!!!
There are PLENTY of similar fanarts with the same exact title going around the net, but I swear I couldn't resist.
Also on Tumblr [link] : D

It all came from my sudden need to draw Tony after re-watching the first Iron Man (in which he was actually a well developed character, hence my favorite one). Then I thought that I loved Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers, and so I wanted to draw Hulk. So it was originally going to be just Tony and Hulk in that position.
Then I thought it would be fun to add Loki glaring at Tony. Then I discovered I probably have a crush on Thor and I wanted to draw him.
Then I wanted to draw Black Widow because I gotta practice in drawing girls, Cap hating Tony, and poor Hawkeye who is a little...excluded because *SPOILER* he was brainwashed for a way too large amount of time in the movie lol.

ANYWAY! Never thought I would say that, but I have to say I'm happy with how this turned out and I actually had fun drawing it!! :D Yesterday night I was still doing the sketch and then I was all tired from all the pressure I was putting into the pencil haha!! X'D
But the thing is, I think I managed to get Black Widow right, considering my usual (very low) standards of drawing girls! Yay!

About the movie...well, I wanna clear up already that I don't wanna start any fight with anyone lol. I enjoyed the movie very much, but all I can say is, there were lots of positive aspects, but there were also bad things...I speak movie-wise because I don't read the comics, but still. And I always end up comparing this kind of movies to the first Iron Man, which is my favorite and in which I believe Tony's character is perfectly written, so yeah, it could be that my personal attachment to that movie influences my opinion.

Of course this is my personal opinion, but many people seem to agree with some points...beware of little spoilerish hints ;)

no seriously where is the character development. The way they interacted/fought with each other was awesome, but the only ones who actually showed some guts were Cap (I don't even like him that much) and Thor, in trying to get Loki back...and in the end Tony was just awesome and for a little moment I thought I was seeing the first Iron Man movie's Tony again. But then all the tension miserably crashed with the most predictable finale ever and I felt all empty even though everything was fine but that's the way I am I guess OKAY I'LL SHUT UP NOW.

OH NO ANOTHER LONG DESCRIPTION!! I was trying to lose this habit a bit, or at least confine it :XD: haha!!
Well, I just hope you enjoy the drawing as much as I did while drawing it! <3

See you soon guys!
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UndoubtedlyLydia Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kudarangan Mar 26, 2014  New member
Tony and caps eyes
speckletehcat Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lokis just like: FML. e.e
This is briliant! I especially how Tony and Thor came out. Tony is my absolute favorite superhero :aww:
I love his wit, creativity, kindness, valor, etc. I don't believe him to be self-centered at all like some people say, he cares about people a lot and does any and all things necessary to keep everyone safe, even if it means having them hate him for their own good (in the comics and the movie, mostly the comics, he allows people to think ill of him while he's bringing his plans to fruition - all of which are in everyone's best interests, no one can deny that. Just because they don't have the mind he has, which allows him to see hundreds of moves ahead as the futurist he is, to understand his plans he comes to terms with the fact that people are going to hate him for a certain period of time). His cutting humor (which, personally, I think most people take way to seriously. It's not insulting when it's clear that he's kidding), egotistical personality is all (well, mostly) a fašade he uses as a means of protection from getting hurt, well, more than is necessary.
He is a GREAT man, this and much more is why he's my favorite superhero and comic book character of all.

Again, great job :)
Knuxie-Bro Jan 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, this is just amazing! And the expressions?! SO ON KEY! Also I love how Steve's face is like, "Shaddap, idiot." sense there's obvious tension between them through-out the movie! Loki and Steve are probably thinking the same thing, though
Loki is not amused 
John-lok Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Hahahaha, great <3

My favourite :D
Finnickandannie14 Nov 24, 2013   General Artist
Ha ha! stark has the "I told you so" look :)
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