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July 4, 2012
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The Duck Avengers by Renny08 The Duck Avengers by Renny08
After this [link] I really couldn't help it, I'm sorry!
I mean, when I was younger I used to do crossover of the stuff I loved with Disney all the freakin' time and it feels so good to do it again B)

So here you have... Iron Duck, aka Tony Quack (lol) and Captain Mouse (or something) aka...Mickey Rogers? Lol I don't know.

Ah, okay, let me explain! This drawing is actually kinda old, well, not that old, I probably made it around the end of April after I watched The Avengers. I started brainstorming, and thought of possible Disney crossovers, and that's the best I could come up with xD

YES, I know that Donnie feels out of character in being Tony. But he's one of my favorite Avengers and Donnie is my favorite Disney character so... :D
As for Mickey, well... nobody else but Cap, the "classic" hero...enough said, I guess! Haha!
I only drew them...probably because I lacked time when I first did the sketch and the lineart, and now I don't feel like adding stuff.
Not to mention that I haven't got much roles x'D
I thought so much about this, but I think it's not gonna work... I just thought that Minnie should be Black Widow (she's the only one left 'cause Daisy would Pepper, ya know xD) and Gladstone should be Hawkeye. With all his luck and stuff he would be the PERFECT archer, you know :D
As for Thor, no ideas. Goofy is left but lol, it's just...too much, I think x'D still it would look pretty epic! Another idea would be having Oswald as Loki and Mickey as Thor, but NO. Because I like Thor way too much and I don't wanna draw Mickey in his role :'D I'm childish, I know. You can't really reason with me when it comes to Disney characters (...or Star Wars for that matter)...
Besides, Thor's human alter ego's name is Donald Blake. Donald. :D
Some of my classmates told me Donnie should be Hulk. But again it would be weird as a science genius. So between two science geniuses, I chose Tony. Yep.

Sorry for the craziness spreading all around this description! x)

TTo come back on Earth, tonight I finally got around to color this thing digitally... I'm kinda sad I couldn't make it in time for my final exam this year, but it's okay, the lineart is there anyway and I hope my teachers appreciate it...ugh...

And I really hope you like it!! :D
I really had fun in doing it, and meanwhile I practiced hard with Donald and Mickey's proportions and stuff. I hope I succeeded and that they look good x)
Geez, I tried to get inspired by those AWESOME colored Disney comics that are published here in Italy, but no way Dx

I also wanted to write "The DuckAvengers" as a title on the drawing, but I can't download the font!! That sucks :/

Oh and sorry for the watermark, but when I do this kind of stuff I become rather attached to it...

Again, I really hope you enjoy!! <3
See you soon guys!

P.S.: fun fact: Paperinik, the super hero version of Donald, created in Italy and appeared in Italian comics in 1969, is called Duck Avenger in the American ones. :D

P.P.S.: now I so wanna make a parody of Thor in which Donnie is Thor. You know, that Donald Blake thing really got me :'D

P.P.S.: before anyone says anything, this really hasn't anything to do with the whole Tony/Steve thing, okay? :XD:
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CondorGuren Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I don't know whatever to say this is funny or it's badass! XD
SSJ4Truntanks Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Excellent take.
mecha-dragonz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
good work :D
mecha-dragonz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL!!!!! :rofl:
xxSoldierSiplexx Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't want to be judgmental or rude or anything... but Cap's shield has one more ring of red before the blue section with the star. (Again... not trying to be mean O.O that is the last thing I want to come across.)
Renny08 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
Haha, no problem xD When I did this I had no references, and I'm not a big Cap fan so I didn't really know how the shield was supposed to look exactly, my bad! I noticed later that I got it wrong, but the drawing wasn't worth a fix.
Then again, you could say than in a Disney parody drawing simplifying things a bit could still work... ;)
xxSoldierSiplexx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a cap fan? -faints- I didn't know that was possible!! lol But yeah... I was thinking that's what you did but I didn't know. Pretty dang good for no references though! c:
Renny08 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Well, not being American I just don't "feel" like having such a patriotic hero as favorite, however I do like his character in the Avengers movie :)
And thank you! :D
xxSoldierSiplexx Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhh that would make more sense... lol America is the only place I've ever lived, so for me it's Cap all the way. lol 
Renny08 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
As for the Avengers, I totally go for Thor and IM1's Tony. x)
But regarding superheroes in general, to me Wolverine is the man!
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