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May 31, 2012
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The Huntsman by Renny08 The Huntsman by Renny08
...I don't know, they can't be expressed with words xD

Fullview plz, it looks better : )

Here you have...the Huntsman! From "Snow White & The Huntsman" 8D ...sigh, I don't do him justice. He looks like a generic character...maybe I should just put it in scraps and crawl away until I actually get a hold of how to draw Chris Hemsworth's face...but I wanted to post something so that you guys know I'm not dead D8

Okay, about the movie...I wanted to post something about it before it's released on June 1st.

BUT!!! Here in Italy, for some reason, we won't get it until July 11th. So please...PLEASE, no spoilers, no hints about the plot, no anything, okay? The only things I allow you to say about the movie if you comment is "I liked it! 8D" or "I didn't like it D8" haha!! :XD:

OH AND ANOTHER THING!!!! Don't tell me the Huntsman's name, please!! XD Since it wasn't anywhere in trailers and such I want to discover it when I'll first watch the movie. Okay I officially won the prize for weirdness...bear with me.

Uh, I don't know why I'm so excited about the film. One side, I think/hope/believe it's gonna be super good and I will love it, on the other hand I'm like super afraid is just another film with super cool trailers and nothing more, predictable plot, no characters study, and so on. The only thing I can do is cross my fingers! I absolutely NEED to watch a new movie, like it, and then get out of the cinema fully satisfied. It hasn't happened since "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows", and it was Christmas... ._. (of course not counting Star Wars Episode I in 3D because it wasn't a new film, haha! XD)

Oh, and I don't really care about the fact Kristen Stewart is Snow White and she was Bella in Twilight. As long as the film is good, nothing will hurt :XD:
And of course I'm super curious about Mr Huntsman. Okay, I admit it, I got interested in the movie because of him 8> but then I watched the trailers and everything and I was in total awe for the whole thing. Hope the film lives up to the high expectations I somehow have for it D:

About the drawing, it's nothing special, I really need to practice more if I want to draw this character haha! it's a quick thing in between my exam and various other stuff, so yeah ;_;
I'm also very busy and that's why I'm taking long in answering comments >__< thank you so much for you patience guys!!

Ops, another long and pointless description of me ranting... I hope you enjoy the drawing a little bit :) and, even if you're not interested in the movie, do yourself a favor and watch its official music video with the song "Breath of Life" by Florence & The's amazing. [link]
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It's a funny thing. When I did a search for "the Huntsman," I was actually looking for this guy: [link]
SaskatchewanStardust Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Love it!!!
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Great work
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Awesome drawing! I saw the movie today and it was a pleasant surprise. I was a bit worried about Kristen Stewart's acting but I think she's gone quite a long way since the Twilight daga and even though she wasn't brilliant, she did a satisfying job :) And the movie itself is really good, I loved the Huntsman (I didn't catch his name, though XD) and, tbh, Chris Hemsworth is much hotter in this movie than in Thor. Don't get me wrong, I adore Thor, but here, he's just ... I dunno, I couldn't take my eyes off him, and I'm generally not into this kind of guys. So, to sum up, I liked the movie quite a lot and I recommend it :)
Renny08 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Yes! Nice to hear another positive comment!! :D
Haha, I understand, but I think Bella was already such a... bad character herself, that before judging Kristen's acting, I thought I need to see her in a better role, hehe! x') good to know she was better than in Twilight.
And gosh, other people told me that about Chris... I absolutely can't wait to see the movie, seriously *_*
Again, I know basically nothing about the plot and the movie and I want it to stay that way (after all, July 11th is finally approaching and I really wanna enjoy the thing without any spoilers for once, haha :D) but about his name... I've been told that in the movie they don't mention it, but my friend and my sister looked it up on Wikipedia and apparently it's Eric... but when they read it there were no additional notes so we don't know where it came from! Maybe it's told in the novel based on the movie? I'm so gonna try to find out once I watched the movie and don't have to fear spoilers! x)
Wilcze Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
You're from Italy, right? I'm surprised they decided to wait so long in your country, I'm from Poland, where movies usually come out much later, but it's been on screens for at least a week or two. Oh well, as you said, 11th of June is coming, so you don't have to wait so long :) I remember waiting for the Avengers to come out for a month, man, I hope I'll never have to experience such anxiety XD
About the movie ans Kristen, though. Yeah, I agree with what you said, Twilight is not a good movie so I don't think we should expect good acting. And as I recall Kristen herself (and most of the cast, really) would often say that they don't like the plot and the characters they play, so it's really hard for them to make it look good. I think it's a bit similar with NAtalie Portman in Thor, she is an amazing acrtess, but in my opinion her charatcer in the movie was rather poorly written and she didn't even get the chance to show what she's capable of. Plus I think everyone makes progress if they pratcise, and I doubt Kristen spent the whole time between Twolight and Snow White doing nothig :)No one's born a great actor and it's ok this way.
The plot is really good, but I won't tell anything cause I don't want to spoil it XD I'll just say that for once in 100 years my ship actually became canon, but I won't tell who are the people in the pairing, you'll see yourself that there' more than one option ;)
Renny08 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
Yes, in fact, I'm very surprised too D: maybe there were some kind of problems or stuff, usually movies come out kinda... in a "reasonable" time, let's say x) I've heard that SWATH has been delayed here, maybe it was meant to come out earlier and then something happened! Who knows! But, OMG, it's coming out really, REALLY late haha! I hope at least they did a good job with the dialogues and the dubbing, since they had so much time °_°
AAH, Avengers. Don't talk me about it, I've been waiting 4 years for it!! :XD: It has been awful especially when it was one week away or so :giggle: I really couldn't wait! And btw, that came out April 25th here, and May 4th in America. What the hell are we doing :XD:
But I have to say that, somehow, I'm way more excited about SWATH!! I really hope it's worth all the waiting and the fangirling I'm spreading around since the end of May :'D WHOA, as I'm talking, it's 8 days away :la:
Geez, really? I didn't know about that, but man, I can totally understand their point of view!! While the first book was almost bearable, as it went on and on it became...ugh. I went watching Eclipse with some class mates back in 2010 summer and I remember that after 20 minutes I just wanted to exit the cinema! And it must be awful to play a character you don't like :/ and of course, unless you're super good and a true pro, it's kinda "natural" to not being able to play them at full capacity! It works the same with everything, I guess, haha!
Uh, yeah, Jane in Thor was really an underdeveloped character! Well, to say the truth, in terms of character development that movie had very much to offer potentially, but to me it feels like they dropped it to tell more stuff they could in terms of happenings. Make many things happen, I mean... which is a pity :/
Heheh!! Yeah, don't tell me anything! Now I'm more afraid than ever because now that the release date is so near it would really be an epic fail to get to know something I shouldn't :giggle:
Aaah, I have SO many opinions about how it could end and about how the "possible" ships could work and become canon, I can't wait to find out! :giggle: Italian trailers are very spoilerish, sadly... so there are things that made me elaborate stuff I wouldn't think of by watching only the original ones! But I'm keeping my mind open and hope to come out of the cinema fully satisfied for once :D
Wilcze Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
I recommend seeing it in English with subtitles, Chris talks in a delicious accent, haha ;D I generally prefer to watch movies in English, maybe it's because Polish dubbing for non-animated stuff usually is horrible (which is a shame, cause our dubbing in animations is usually better than the original).

Avengers came out on May 11 here, so I didn't have to wait THAT long, but I had a problem with hiding from spoilers anyway. I hope when Thor 2 comes out I'll be able to see it sooner, maybe I'll persuade my parents to let me go and visit my aunt in London, then I won't have to wait another two weeks, hah XD
You had a big premiere with all the cast visiting, didn't you? Man, what I'd give to be there...

I read three first books and didn't really bother to get Breaking Dawn, and I can't say that I hated them, but I don't understand it's phenomen. The books were a simple page-turner, something you read once with moderate pleasure and forget about. The movies were rather horrible, though, I saw three of them in cinema and I still have no idea why I even bothered to waste my money on tickets. At least I did it with some crazy friends and we spent majority of time on commenting everything, but still, I could have bought a book or a CD instead.

The story is similat to the original one of course, but there're still some interesting ploy twists, so yeah, try to avoid spoilers XD I've noticed the fanbase isn't that big though (which is a shame), so it shouldn't be that difficult :)
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